Why I'm an Agnostic That Believes in The Supernatural
I haven't written on Triond for a while.  It's fun, but only when you have something to really say.  Or, uh, at least for me.  I write these monstrous articles that are probably three or four pages on Word, whereas most people write a few paragraphs and call it an article.  Well, for a while I didn't have any reason to write.

Then I decided to search for agnostic groups in my area.  Where I live, there is a general nonbeliever group that has smaller member branches.  You have branches for atheists, brances for agnostics, I'm pretty sure a branch for humanists, and there's at least one "fun" group (a nonbeliever book club).  Actually sounded promising.  Here's the problem.  All the groups say they are open-minded and welcome new members, but only if you don't believe in the supernatural.  This made me think (you know, after it made me rage).  See, I believe the supernatural has absolutely nothing to do with religion.  It is interesting when it crosses (religious person sees a demon, for example).  However, I think they're two separate things, and you can believe in the supernatural without believing in a god.  So anyway, the groups didn't pan out and if I want to meet other people who really are more open-minded, I'll have to start my own group.

So that was part of the drive for finishing this article.  Initially, the article was called "Why I'm an Agnostic".  But of course the group issue came up.  Also, on another LJ community there was a post about other nonbelievers who did believe in the supernatural and I realized "Hey, this isn't so weird a belief after all."

So, the article is  Why I'm an Agnostic That Believes in The Supernatural and it's good.  I'm biased because I wrote it and I spent some time on it, but I'm thinking and hoping it's eye opening.

New Novel Idea!
This new novel/series is set in Callix's world (sort of). It is in Supernatural Earth instead of on a death world. Callix's father (a serial killer and demon summoner) is mentioned off and on. The main character was once Callix's friend, but dropped her when Callix announced her dad's career. Turns out, MC's mother is also a serial killer/ demon summoner. MC is on Earth dealing with a summoned demon that will not leave her alone as well as her mom trying to get her to do things she doesn't want.

Why You Should Hire Me
I've been doing a lot of writing for Triond (okay, four articles so far).  I promise I won't do an overload and make my entire blog promotion, promotion, promotion.  I know people (specifically, a family member) who does that.  It's not fun.  But this article has a special place for me because it's so personal.

See, I need a job.  I already have a job, but it only gives me seven hours a week if I'm lucky.  Ugh.  So I've been applying off and on to other places.  Problem is, if I look decent on the job application, the employee questionnaire will kill me.  I never know whether to tell them what I think or what they want to hear.  I'm slowly learning that honesty is not always the best policy and I'll never get hired if I am (honest).

I think applications and questionnaires don't give employers the full story.  I will be the first to admit I have flaws, but I also have my good points. So this is a personal essay (or, that's what I intended it to be; Triond may have placed it in the wrong category) on Why You Should Hire Me.

Paranormal Romance Ideas That are Not Romantic
Have you ever read a paranormal romance novel that left you cold or angry?  You were expecting some real romance and okay, you got the steamy scenes and the relationship between the leads.  You just didn't feel like the actual romance was there.  You saw more creepy and illegal behavior than anything.  I highly doubt anyone has felt this, given that romance in general is a hot genre right now.  I still think someone needs to have the unpopular opinion that most "romance" is not, in fact, romantic.  

All this leads to my latest Triond article, Paranormal Romance Ideas That are Not Romantic.

Kaeris Novel Titles So I Don't Forget
1st: False Life
2nd: False Memories
3rd:  False Queen

Actually, these could change at any time.  I only recently came up with the 2nd and 3rd titles, and the 1st was initially Borrowed Life.  If I want to follow a theme, I'd do the above titles.  But I'm also in love with Borrowed Life, and I think nothing could  come close to that goodness.  Either way, at least I have these in case I need them again.

What to Know About Emusic Article
One thing I don't mention frequently on LJ is that I love music.  I love discovering a new artist and listening to their stuff.  I love downloading music even more.  For the mainstream music download sites, I use Napster and Rhapsody.  I'm not such a fan of iTunes (sorry everyone!).  Then I have a less mainstream download site called eMusic.

eMusic?  What's that?  The most important thing to know is that eMusic is an online-based music download site and they focus on independent singers/groups (but they do have mainstream artists too, if that's your thing).

In this article, What to Know About Emusic (From an Emusic User), I talk about the things I've learned while using eMusic (and the mistakes I made on other music download sites).  Besides improving my writing skills, I also hope to help some new users get around to enjoying the music faster (instead of trying to figure out a million new things before ever seeing the music).

Urban Fantasy Cliches

Yesterday, I posted an article to Triond about urban fantasy cliches and how to fix them.  Now I'm trying to promote said article.  See, I learned something stupid about Triond.  If I want to read my article, that's fine, I can.  I did want to see the finished product.  Turns out, the view counter counts everyone else and your own clicks.  This makes me sad.  I have eight views, two of which are mine and one by a family member.  I wished they didn't count my own views, because then I could see how many real people are checking it out.  So anyway, that's why I'm doing this promotion.

That, and I actually believe in what I wrote.  See, I rant a lot about writing and the fantasy genre (urban fantasy in particular).  I don't hate the genre and subgenre by any means, but I hate what's been done to it.  Or rather, what one author did well and everyone else copied and ruined.  It boggles my mind that something with real potential is same old-same old.  I always thought writing was supposed to be about taking what's been done before and making it your own.  Maybe I was expecting too much from my genre of choice.  

That's where the article comes in.  I believe that urban fantasy can be awesome.  I also believe writers need someone to show them why it currently isn't awesome.  And I feel bad even saying that, since these writers are probably twenty times my age so they would be much more intelligent than I am.  But sometimes people may need to see what's good or not, and see what isn't working and how it could work better.

So, the link to my article is  http://writinghood.com/writing/urban-fantasy-cliches/.

My First Birther and a Rant on Politics

Today on Twitter I encountered my first-ever birther (in internet life).  Other people on LJ talk about "My friend/relative is a birther!" or "This person on Facebook posted all this birther garbage.  Wannt to see?"  I never had an encounter with a birther before and actually, I was a little jealous.  I wanted a chance to say "Well, you know what?"

Today I got it.

This guy who follows me on Twitter for some reason is a birther.  I knew he was a Republican, pretty sure he was a tea party guy, and now he's also a birther.  Today he was talking about how the FBI should look into Obama's birth certificate because "He faked it" and we should "clear up this mess". 

Please keep in mind, I am no longer a fan of the President.  The moment he went anti-choice by agreeing to solidy the no abortion funding thing (because there was already something saying there was no abortion funding anyway, and he made it much stronger) I was like "No.  Unless you are running against someone like Palin, I wil not be voting for you.  I only vote for pro-choice candidates."  So, he has alienated me.

This brings me back to what I wrote to the birther.

I said, "Maybe because it's a real birth certificate?  Birthers are crazy.  I don't like him *Obama, but I was running out of characters*, but..."  I know I trailed off, but I said my piece.  Birthers are crazy.  End of.

In very related news, I tweeted about how I really dislike Republicans and the misinformation they spread about the President and how I really don't like the President either, for being so anti-choice.  And I ended that (long, connected tweet) with "God I hate politics!" 

Seriously, the state of politics is a mess.  You have Democrats compromising their values to get things passed.  You have Republicans saying "No!  No!  No!" like babies and then wondering why nobody asks them to join them in policymaking.  You have the birthers screaming "He's not even a US citizen!" and passing along very false information.  You have the Tea Party crowd being all unsure how to even be a legit party other than "We hate the President and anyone who isn't white!" and that's not even a good political party platform.  Everyone else is being apathetic, like who cares what happens as long as something happens.  Sometimes I think they may have the best idea of everyone because it's so exhausting to be this mad all the time

New idea in Developing a Slayer
Today I tied some loose ends in my novel up, and I'm thrilled beyond belief.  Only, I've written myself into some frustrating places.  Maybe I should write down the change, first.

So, my main character is Callix Ruelo.  She is ten years old and is a regenerative spirit, meaning that when she dies, she is in a waiting room for fifty years and is then sent down to a death world/Earth if that's necessary for another life.  If she dies at age ten, her body is reborn and she is ghosted-and-spirited (the two essential layers of a body to make it function) at the age she died at.  Up to age nine she would be an empty shell, and when she turns ten she becomes a normal functioning spirit.

Her parents are Symo and Marria, two spirits who are the king and queen of their death world, or so she thinks.  Turns out, her parents are Astrixto and Marria.  Astrixto is a demon who mistakenly believes he's a god (although he can give partial immortality to spirits he likes, and he can break certain rules, such as the no having children because demons are sterile).  So, Callix is part regenerative spirit, part demon.

Problem.  In the third novel, Callix is reincarnated in a living human body on Earth.  Unless a demon plays some sort of role in that and once again allows her to be part human/spirit, part demon, it's something that is only relevent in the second novel.  I like the idea of Callix being part demon.  It would make my writing make more sense.  In the third novel, she isn't a true villain but she ends up siding with the demons because she isn't one of the good guys, either.  I think it would be a neat twist that she remains a demon.  But again, I'm not sure how all that would work.  *Makes very frustrated noise* 


Ranting About People Who Are Ranting
If you want to know something that really sets me off, it's fanfiction communities.  More specifically, fanfiction communities where people rant about how bad other fanfiction writers are writing.  I'm thinking of a specific community here.  In theory it's a good idea to have a community like this, because you are going to come across some bad writing.  I wish they had a community like this for bad original fiction, for the same reason.  

I'm ranting about certain people who rant about other people.  It's one thing to say "Your fanfiction needs work.  Here's what you should do."  You (the fanfic writer) are not under any obligation to make all the changes, but it's a legit way for your readers to suggest stuff.  It is also legit to post this to the fanfiction community as long as it's to help others not make similar mistakes (if they choose to follow your advice).  It's another thing to say "Your fanfiction is garbage!" and then rant, rant, rant about it in said community under the impression that it's a rant community so you have a safe space.  Granted, in this community, if you're ranting about the three things you're allowed to rant about (breaking canon, not warning for squicks, bad spelling) everyone will say "You are so right the fanfic writer is terrible."  That is another thing I hate about said community, which actually ties well into this rant.

Okay, where to go from here?  See, you (ranter this time) are allowed to have your opinion.  I do not appreciate it when you say "The fanfiction writer can't write, is garbage, is doing it wrong, and is a bad person."  Again, as long as you're talking about the three allowed rants, everyone will support you and those that don't, everyone jumps on.  Which is also wrong.  But the point is, no.  Being unreasonably nasty for something you're probably doing just as wrong (for example, telling a fanfic writer they can't spell when every one of your sentences has a glaring misspelling) is disgusting.  In fact, I think this particular community is really about "I pretend like I know better than all these dumb fanfic writers when I just make the same mistakes and want to cover my butt because god forbid I admit I'm not perfect either."  There, I said it.    


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